Rabbit 160-165-253


MMA welding and TIG welding for stainless steel, soft and hard steel, copper and alloys.
The welding rectifiers of the series RABBIT have been developed with inverter technology. Low weight and low consumption make them ideal for repairs and maintenance. The high switching frequency, above auditive level, provides excellent dynamic characteristics, which allow the welding of all electrodes. The anti – stick function prevents the adherence of the electrode in the bath.

A compact chassis guarantees a good protection and keeps low weight.

Technical data

MainsV230 230 3 x 400
FuseA T20 T20 T16
PowerkVA 4.6 4.6 8.9
RangeA 5-160 5-160 5-250
Open circuit voltage V70 70 75
Efficiency 0.87 0.87 0.87
Duty cycle 40%ED A 250
Duty cycle 60%ED A 160 160 200
Duty cycle 100%ED A 100 100 180
Insulation classF F F
Weightkg 8 8 18
Dimensions L x B x H mm420x180x300 420x180x300 420x180x350

Order reference

Rabbit 160100.600.160
Rabbit 165100.600.165
Rabbit 253100.600.250
Ground cable 16mm² 3m 008.000.010
Ground cable 25mm² 3m 008.000.011
Ground cable 35mm² 3m 008.000.012
Ground cable 50mm² 3m 008.000.013
Ground cable 70mm² 3m 008.000.014
Ground cable 95mm² 3m 008.000.015
Welding cable 16mm² 5m 008.000.015
Welding cable 25mm² 5m 008.000.016
Welding cable 35mm² 5m 008.000.017
Welding cable 50mm² 5m 008.000.018
Welding cable 70mm² 5m 008.000.019
Welding cable 95mm² 5m008.000.020
Welding shield008.000.004
Chipping hammer008.000.019